The talented Holly Rey gets real on Keri's Couch

The talented Holly Rey gets real on Keri's Couch

Holly Rey is one of South Africa's most talented singers. She sat down with Keri Miller and spoke about her childhood, schooling, and family.

Holly Rey
Holly Rey/ Instagram

Holly Rey is a name you know and love. But there is such an incredible story that accompanies this incredible woman.

On Keri's Couch this week, Holly opens up about growing up without a dad, never meeting her brothers, and how her sister was found abandoned after being left alone for 48 hours.

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Despite the adversity she has had to face in life, Holly has fought to rise to the top.

Last year, Holly graduated with an Honours degree in Media and Communication, cum laude at UKZN. 

She has also received a Platinum Certification from RISA for her hit single, 'Deeper', after it hit the 3.5-million streams mark - something she chose to celebrate with Darren, Keri, and Sky.

Listen to Keri's chat with Holly Rey below: 

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