Katy Perry has a message for Darren Maule

Katy Perry has a message for Darren Maule

The biggest Katy Perry fan is going to see her live in concert this weekend! Darren Maule is a 'Katy Kat' and he received a surprise from Keri and Sky.

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Listen to Katy Perry's message to Darren Maule or read the details under the podcast.

Darren Maule is going to see Katy Perry live! Katy Kats will enjoy a star-studded show in Johannesburg while Darren and his plus one will have the diamond experience to Katy's Witness Tour. 

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Keri and Sky know how much this means to Darren, so they pulled some strings and got Katy herself to send a special message to Darren!

Yup! This team is full of love. 

Stay tuned as we update you on how Darren's trip goes.

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