Employee requests to work from home during Winter

Employee requests to work from home during Winter

This person was bold enough to send the HR department a request to work from home...

A woman sitting on bed working on her laptop
A woman sitting on bed working on her laptop/Pexels/@Ivan Samkov

We know how cold the mornings are; getting up early for the Breakfast show can be a real challenge. 

But we have something special with you guys in the morning, and that's reason enough not to press snooze when it's dark outside.

Only some people (like us) have something unique to come to during the cold mornings. Some people don't deal well with the cold, and bringing a blanket to work doesn't cut it. So, they go above and beyond to make a plan to get out of it. 

An HR Administrator in Johannesburg shared some of the challenges she faces in her line of work.

One of the emails she shared shows an employee asking if they could work from home due to the cold Winter we are experiencing. 

 The email said: 

"As winter is approaching, I am writing to request to work from home from 1 June to 31 August 2023.

"Winter is the coldest and darkest season, and I just don’t see myself getting out of my warm and cozy bed at 5am each weekday to come to work during this season.

"If my request is approved. I will be available on call and email throughout working hours from 8am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays, to provide updates on my progress and ensure that all my talk will be promptly worked on."

The employee also sent an attachment that broke down their work from home plan. 

The HR professional, Onkgopotse Legobye, shared her response with the employee. 

"I understand your concerns about the winter season. However, it is important to note that winter affects everyone, and you are not alone in experiencing these challenges.

“To work from home is considered a privilege and is granted based on personal seasonal preferences.”

The emails went back and forth between the employee and the HR professional. The woman felt that her request was not unreasonable and explained that coming in later would be another option to tackle the morning cold. 

In the end, the employee accepted that her request was not reasonable nor was it going to be approved. Check out what it read below, courtesy of TikTok

@activehrplate Bathong… all this for a prank! Its like employees enjoy seeing our buttons pressed y pressed until theres no buttons to press. #hr #hrm #humanresources #humanresourcesh #hrhumor #hrmanagement ♬ Luxury SA_Crazy Vibez - Luxury SA
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