Elton Jantjies claims that Zeenat Simjee knows the truth

Elton Jantjies claims that Zeenat Simjee knows the truth

The drama continues as Elton hits back at Zeenat's twin claim.

Elton Jantjies
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Elton Jantjies, the forgotten Springbok World Cup winner, has hit the headlines again.

As you may know, new reports via News24 state that Springbok dietician Zeenat Simjee claims that it was not her, but instead someone who looks like her, that was having an affair with the Springbok.

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Elton has responded to the claims of Zeenat having a lookalike.

According to IOL, her version of events were far-fetched and Jantjies stood by his earlier admission. 

"As I confirmed to my wife, I did have a relationship with Zee. There is only one Zee," said Jantjies. 

Elton Jantjies
Elton Jantjies/ Instagram

At the moment, Elton is in Cyprus with his wife, Iva Ristic, and their kids.

The Springbok had revealed his affair in an intense interview.

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According to IOL, the Springbok flyhalf admitted to his wife he had been involved with Simjee for several months.

The confession was allegedly made the moment he and his wife landed in Japan, where he had been playing for his club, Red Hurricanes Osaka.

Elton added that it annoys him that the dietitian keeps denying the affair. 

“I don’t have to prove that Zee and I were more than friends. She knows the truth," he said. 

Will this story ever reach a conclusion? 

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