#BigFavour: The place of learning that will become a place of living

#BigFavour: The place of learning that will become a place of living

A few weeks ago, our Traffic Reporter Jayshree chatted to Mr SD Moodley, the principal of Crystal Point Secondary in Phoenix, who told her about two learners who are currently in their Matric year and who approached him with an unusual request.

Big favour - 9 may

Take a listen to the podcast below or read the blog:

Speaking for themselves, and on behalf of other students, many of them were finding it challenging to get to and from school either because they lived far away and had to walk miles to school or because there were financial difficulties at home. 

The girls asked Mr Moodley if they could sleep in the classroom as this would help them focus on their exams and at the same time, help them produce excellent results. 

Deciding to look into the query, Mr Moodley found that about 40 of his matric girls were travelling long distances to school and with many of these learners coming from poverty-stricken backgrounds, he decided that he wanted to help.

His dream - to convert two classrooms into a facility that would allow the girls to sleep over but with that came the need for 40 beds, bedding, and showers to be installed at the school.

Thanks to some incredible people, the wheels are in motion.

Members of the community who wanted to remain anonymous donated the labour for the installation of showers as well as all of the equipment and plumbing needed to install these showers. They also donated 40 mattresses for the girls to sleep on and carpeted the classrooms so the girls could have a ‘home away from home’

The Warrick Frank Drama Academy have donated 40 towels, some bedding, and toiletries, and to ensure the girls are always safe, Glen Naidoo from KZN VIP Protection Services has offered a year of security and emergency services whilst the Matriculants stay over at the school.

A huge thank you to all hands that clapped to make this happen for these special learners.

Should you wish to donate any pillows, blankets or beddings to Crystal Point Secondary, kindly contact the principal Mr D Moodley on 0795510470.

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