Afrikaans Language Board furious with Afrikaans quiz on flight

Afrikaans Language Board furious with Afrikaans quiz on flight

By having a South African passport, you must do a quiz to get on a plane...

Afrikaanse Taalraad has slammed Ryanair’s policy
Afrikaanse Taalraad has slammed Ryanair’s policy . Twitter /My Broadband

The Afrikaanse Taalraad (Afrikaans Language Board) is furious about Ryanair’s policy to ask some of the travellers with South African passports to complete an Afrikaans quiz. This quiz should be done before they can board their flight.

With the policy that the airline put in place, there would be a lot of South Africans in the country of Ireland that would be stuck.

The Irish airline used this as a method to measure whether a person carrying a South African passport is truly South African.

CEO of the Afrikaans Language Board, Conrad Steenkamp, said that the quiz has ignited negative feelings against the Afrikaans language in South Africa.

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Afrikaans quiz by Ryanair airline for SA passport holders

Steenkamp further stated that only around 20% of the population speak Afrikaans. This was certainly not met too kindly with the masses in South Africa. 

Ryanair did point out that as much as they did release a quiz for South African passport users to complete, there were reasons for doing that. The claim from the Irish airline is that there are many South Africans that are attempting to fly using fake passports

The airline has come out saying that not all South Africans need to take the test and it only applies to certain people who have been flagged. 

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