#5Things: Royal baby news, a South African Super Bowl ad, and more...

#5Things: Royal baby news, a South African Super Bowl ad, and more...

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Pringles advert

As always, the Breakfast trio is here to give you an update on all the happenings around the world.

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Proudly South African Super Bowl Ad

Although the American Super Bowl might not be as widely supported in South Africa as other sports, some people make a point of looking up the best Super Bowl half-time commercials on YouTube. Among the crop of this year's funniest Super Bowl ads is a Pringles commercial shot in South Africa, with local actors. The ad features two astronauts who fail to draw the attention of Mission Control and a passing ship, whose crews are distracted by constructing Pringles stacks.

Coca-Cola ditches plastic

Coca-Cola uses around three-million metric tons of unrecycled plastic packaging per year! While the company works to use more recycled material, increase recycling rates, and test new models such as refill stations that rely on reusable bottles, it’s also beginning to test alternative packaging - including a new paper bottle that will roll out for a test run in Europe this summer.

Watch the video below to get the full lowdown of this innovative design:

Egyptian mummies know how to party

The world’s oldest beer factory may have been unearthed in Egypt. The supposed brewery was found in Abydos, an ancient burial ground in the desert west of the Nile River, south of Cairo. It’s one of Egypt’s most prominent archeological sites. Apparently, the brewery could date back as far as King Narmer, who reigned over the country in 3100 BC.

Little Archie is going to be a big brother

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they are expecting their second child. The couple, who live in the US where the baby is likely to be born, have shared a black and white picture of themselves, sat under a tree, with Prince Harry resting his hand on Meghan's head as she lay in his lap cradling her bump.

Show us your first day back at school

It’s back to school day... finally. For public schools it has been a very long time since children saw the inside of a school! If your child is going to Grade 1 or Grade 8, please send pics to 061 792 9495 - We would love to feature them on ecr.co.za!

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