WATCH: Covid-19 patient marries his fiancée in hospital

WATCH: Covid-19 patient marries his fiancée in hospital

Nothing can stand in the way of love, not even the pandemic.

Man marries fiancee in hospital

A man in Texas, who was admitted to a hospital in San Antonio, married his fiancée even though he was battling Covid-19.

According to reports, Carlos Muniz and his fiancée, Grace Leimann, were supposed to get married the same week Muniz was diagnosed with the virus. So the couple decided not to wait any longer and tied the knot at the hospital in the presence of staff members and immediate family.

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A video of their wedding ceremony shows the groom in a tuxedo while laying in his hospital bed and his bride walking down the corridors of the hospital in her wedding dress. 

Even though Muniz tested negative for Covid-19 after a month in hospital, he is still undergoing treatment and is on a life-saving machine because his lungs and heart still need help to function.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr and Mrs Muniz:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/ Facebook

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