UK Prime Minister weds his fiancée in a small ceremony

UK Prime Minister weds his fiancée in a small ceremony

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds got married in a secretly-planned wedding at the Roman Catholic church in central London.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson

The small wedding ceremony of Boris Johnson (56) and fiancée, Carrie Symonds (33)  took place at the Westminster Cathedral.

There was no prior invitations for guests. It is reported by media that  even senior members of Johnson's office were unaware of the wedding plans.

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Although this might be the case they plan to celebrate their wedding with family and friends next summer which is anytime between June and August. Tabloid reports have stated that wedding invitations had been sent to friends and family for July 2022.

England has it almost worse than us with the COVID-19 restrictions as they limit guests to 30 people.

The previous weekend saw the cathedral suddenly locked down in the afternoon and Symonds arrived 30 minutes later in a limo, in a long white dress with no veil, media reports said.

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The couple announced last year that they were engaged and that they were expecting their baby.

Boris Johnson was previously married to Marina Wheeler, a lawyer. They had four children together and announced in September 2018 that they had separated.

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Well, the U.K Prime Minister has an interesting controversial private social life. He was once fired from the Conservative Party's policy team while in opposition for lying about an extramarital affair. He has been divorced twice and refuses to share the number of children he has.

Nevertheless, who's never happy about a wedding? We hope they go bigger and better in July's ceremony! 

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