Dreams of education come true for a deserving young man

Dreams of education come true for a deserving young man

A young man with great ambitions received the gift of a lifetime thanks to a few guardian angels on this week's Big Favour. 

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Heavy Duty Expo organiser Havante Karpath told me about a certain young lad which caught her attention. 

Kaylin Maniram has had a tough time growing up. He had limited finances available, which meant that studying has never been an option. Even though he’s applied for numerous government bursaries, he has never been successful.

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KPI is a consulting and education provider that has established its niche in the Supply Chain Industry. They offer a complete Supply Chain solution package to their clients to reduce their costs and improve skill levels.


Their qualification ranges across the supply chain industry, including warehousing, inventory, procurement, shipping, transportation, and management.

Not only will Kaylin be sponsored with his diploma, but KPI also supplied him with a free tablet with all his material loaded automatically. They also provided him with WiFi whilst on campus, and an internship upon completion of his diploma.


Wardens Cartage stepped in to help by offering Kaylin a full-time job for the duration of his studies.

Kaylin was completely stunned. He left East Coast Radio studio's beaming from ear to ear. 

For additional information on KPI – please contact: 031 822 2073

Visit their website: www.kpiconsulting.co.za or www.kpi.edu.za

For more information on Wardens Cartage please contact: 031 5777550

Visit their website: www.wardenscartage.co.za.

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