Local animal organisations in need of extra 'paws'

Local animal organisations in need of extra 'paws'

Pet-loving organisations need some extra 'pairs of paws' to assist with saving these precious creatures from the streets.

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We received two emails from animal shelters asking for help. Both shelters do the most incredible work, and I was happy to help wherever I could.

Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming 

The company is a rescue organisation headed by Jade Ashford which focuses on the rescue, rehab and rehoming of puppies. 

Jade and her team take in the homeless, neglected, abused, and the orphaned, as well as moms with babies, and babies without moms that require bottle feeding. They take 1 pup to a litter of 12.

Many of the pups have bad and upset tummies, skin problems such as Mange or Ringworm. They are often covered in ticks and fleas, and are always full of worms. 

"All pups are checked out by our vets, vaccinated at 6 weeks, given a clean bill of health and then Microchipped before they join their new family. At 6 months our pups are sent for sterilising to ensure there are no more “accidental” litters out there," said Jade.


Should you wish to donate to the rescue pups at Paw Prints Rescue and Rehoming, contact: Jade 082 210 4235 (Whatsapp Only)

Email: [email protected]

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/pawprintsrescuerehome/

To donate:

  •  Paw Prints 
  • JL Ashford T/A Paw Prints Rescue
  • Bank: FNB 
  • Account no: 62794811052
  • Branch no: 220526
  • Ref: Your Name & Dog name/Donation


The other pet loving organisation is known as Sables Creatures. Their teams go out in townships on missions to help homeless, abused, neglected animals and provide assistance to pet owners who live in poverty and underprivileged areas to care for their pets. They also rescue neglected or unwanted pets and try to find them loving homes. 

Sables Creatures is a pro-life animal rescue organisation founded in June 2012. Their mission is to help all creatures and at the same educate kids and pet owners. Sables would also truly appreciate any volunteers willing to help at their Outreach days or help with assistance and donations. 

For all adoption inquiries, please contact them on:

Email: [email protected] 

Whatsapp: 0733522836

Phone: 0823264499

To donate: 

  • Sables Creatures 
  • Nedbank Current Account: 
  • Account no: 1119991218, 
  • Branch no: 131026

A man's best friend is always his pets, so donate, help or volunteer and save a pet today! 

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Kerry Swart and Jackie Neethling from AVI-Products jumped on board the minute I called on them asking for help.

AVI Products manufacture and supply diets that meet the nutritional requirements of all target species to ensure that your pet will live a long, healthy, and productive life. Avi-Products (Pty) Ltd was established in 1985. Their factories are FSSC 22000 certified and their products are formulated by animal nutritionists. They manufacture Avi products locally but distribute them nationwide.

Avi-Products makes a number of different product ranges, including:

  • A range of dog foods and cat food. 
  • Avi-plus range of specialist diets for cage birds.
  • Delight range of balanced seed, nut and fruit mixtures for birds.
  • Aqua-Plus range of aquarium diets, and commercial fish feeds.
  • Small animal diets such as Rabbit, Hamster as well as some zoo animal diets.

 To find out more about AVI Products, please call 080 766 0016

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