#BigFavour: A ray of hope for babies in need

#BigFavour: A ray of hope for babies in need

This week on the Big Favour, we help the Ray of Hope team live up to their name by 'doing more'.

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Rachel Uys is a lady with an amazing passion for helping babies.

Together with her team of incredible caregivers, she looks after babies who have been given up, abandoned, or abused by their mothers. The Ray of Hope home offers love, care, protection, and hope for babies and toddlers in crisis.

Never mind the nappies, formula, and baby clothing, it’s also food for her team of caregivers that the home needs. Relying on donations, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Rachel to make ends meet.

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Enter Warren Farrer, the Foundation Executive for the Do More Foundation who popped into the studio to give Rachel and her team some incredible news. The Do More Foundation will be sponsoring the home with a year’s supply of food. The foundation was founded by RCL Foods, who are one of South Africa’s biggest food producers.

Their passion is to #DoMore in order to make a significant impact to the impoverished communities of South Africa.

The Foundation has three focus areas being; #DoMore for Young Children, #DoMore to Ease Hunger, and #DoMore to Support Youth. In addition, they also #DoMore for the Care of Animals.

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To find out more about what they do, visit their website: www.domore.org.za or follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/domore.org.za. Feel free to email them: [email protected]

Ray of hope

To assist the Ray of Hope Baby House, contact Rachel Uys, the House Mother on 031 563 8312 / 084 924 3100 or via fax on 031 562 0961. You can also email [email protected].

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