The Big Favour helps popular DJ Neville Pillay to see again

The Big Favour helps popular DJ Neville Pillay to see again

Anyone who has listened to radio will know the familiar voice of Neville Pillay. He and his family have been going through an incredibly tough time and Neville’s ex-wife Carol wrote in to tell us their heartbreaking story.

neville and the doctors with damon
Supplied: Damon Beard

Listen to the audio and read the story below: 

Last October, Neville suffered a heart attack and end-stage kidney failure. Thereafter, in January this year, Neville started swelling up and was retaining water. He went from being 70kg to 110kg.

When Neville and his family approached a government hospital for help, they were informed that he didn’t meet the criteria for a port that was needed for dialysis, or a stent needed for his heart to function normally. Since then, Neville and his family have been left in a dire situation with no income and have since had to move into a one-bedroom outbuilding.

The journey has been incredibly hard and Neville’s two children have had to endure every moment of his pain.

The family’s car has been repossessed, and a lot of Neville’s equipment and their personal belongings have been stolen. On top of it all, Neville is also needing a cataract operation as he’s lost his vision in both eyes.

At this point in time, he can’t even see his two children.

Carol wrote to us, saying: ‘With a broken heart and fear of losing my kids’ dad and the love of my life, please can somebody help us.’


Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital is a state of the art private hospital offering world-class facilities, quality service, exceptional technology, a range of resident specialists, and allied health services. 

They offer excellence in healthcare by serving all patients, irrespective of race, religion or culture. It’s not the first time that the team have jumped on board to help us with The Big Favour. Once again, as soon as I made a call to Suraiya Vaizie, the Marketing Manager of the hospital, they jumped on board to help.

damon and the lady

Solly Suleman, who is the Director of Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital, joined us in the studio together with ophthalmologist Dr Shabnam Aghdasi to give Neville the great news.

Dr Aghdasi will be performing cataract surgery on both eyes – and Neville won’t have to pay a cent. Dr Yogi Vathraj, who is the anaesthetist, will also be assisting at no cost.

Thank you from all of us at East Coast Radio. We salute you and thank you for helping Neville.

Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital
031 492 3400
490 King Cetshwayo, Mayville, Durban

Dr Shabnam Aghdasi
Suite 1
Mansard Building
Ahmed Al-Kadi Hospital
Tel: 031 492 3458

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