Mandela Day: Adding 'soles' of faith to a needy community

Mandela Day: Adding 'soles' of faith to a needy community

Mncedisi Collen Madikizela and his friends Siyabonga Mbatha and Skhumbuzo Zulu have started an initiative - Siyabonga Qhamkile Foundation, but they needed help from the Big Favour.

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The world changers stepped into the studio to tell The Big Favour about their foundation. 

It is a non-profit company located at Umlazi - 20km South of Durban, where the focus is to promote community upliftment and enhance social development through various projects. 

Their vision is to contribute to the long-term development of the community and, in so doing, achieve international recognition both for the foundation and the project.

Whilst driving through the area, Collen saw children walking to school with no shoes and decided to step in to help. 


When thinking of school shoes, who better to approach than the team at BATA?

BATA recognises the significant difference a new pair of school shoes can make in the life of a child.

It was the perfect time to bring in two representatives of the young board of directors, Maddison and Kyla, who not only came to tell us about their appointment to the board, but also to share some great news with Collen.

A pair of well-fitting school shoes can give a child who is living in the heart of an impoverished community a sense of hope. The knowledge that someone cares enough to realise their potential and to kick start their dreams with a pair of school shoes is enough to spur them on to greatness.

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Since BATA was founded 125 years ago in 1894, it has been dedicated to improving the well-being of the countries and communities in which they operate. In 2010, the BATA Children’s Programme (BCP) was established to focus all their initiatives together under one umbrella: global concerns approached with local activities.

Education is one of the key development areas that BATA Children’s Programme (BCP) seeks to make a difference in. A legacy that saw 123 children receiving school shoes in 2018 and since 2010, 456 children.

Education is the foundation on which development is established. Education is known to reduce poverty, through an increase in personal income; promote health, lower maternal deaths, counter diseases like HIV and AIDS, foster gender equality, and battle sexual and gender-based violence. 


Together, the synergy boosts a country and soars economic growth.

Madison, who is 11, believes a great pair of shoes must be comfortable, stylish, and ‘must be you!’ She is a living example of BATA’s “me and comfortable with it!” 

Whereas Kyla, who is 12, believes a great pair of shoes is determined by material, the design, the craftsmanship, and appearance. 

Together they were delighted to give Colin the great news!

BATA will be giving his organisation 200 pairs of school shoes so that he can distribute to children who don’t have any.

Siyabonga Qhamkile Foundation
BB1056 Mafukuzela Road
Collen: 079 303 1321

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