#BestOf2021: Sky Tshabalala's baby announcement shocked everyone!

#BestOf2021: Sky Tshabalala's baby announcement shocked everyone!

One of the biggest moments of the year in studio!

Sky with baby shoes

Do you remember after several days of teasing towards this, it was revealed. Many thought it would be a new presenter on the show or one of our presenters resigning. It was none of that. 

Our very own Skizzle, Sky, Mshengu was announcing that he was about to become a dad! 

His girlfriend, Clarise Pieterse, fell pregnant in May 2021 and is now 7 months pregnant.

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When asked how he felt about the huge responsibility that comes with fatherhood, Sky shared: "I feel relieved now that you guys know". 

Everyone in the studio was elated beyond words. Darren and Keri were clueless about this for a while.  

This was their reaction to the exciting news about Sky's new journey:

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We also caught them in 4K reacting to the big announcement:

Take a look at the scan of their 'sal-kom' here: 

Baby Tshabalala

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The rest of the team were beyond shocked to hear these news. 

How big is this?!

We still say congratulations to dad and mom-to-be!

We are sending nothing but love and hope Darren can give Sky some parenting advice...


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