#FitU with Phindi Gule: Big Walk prep for novices

#FitU with Phindi Gule: Big Walk prep for novices

This week's #FitU with Phindi Gule will help you #FindYourPace, get better prepared, and help you not forget the nitty gritty's of upcoming Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk.

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Listen as Phindi shares her tips ahead of the Big Walk in the podcast, or read the blog below:

1. Have a dinner the night before to avoid tummy issues.

2. Wear well-cushioned shoes (foamed heels), walking or running shoes - anything else will hurt you. 

3. Have proper bra support, especially if you are ‘gifted'.

4. Carry sunblock and hats to protect you from the sun

5. Hydrate properly. Even though you are walking, you will still sweat. Alcohol dehydrates you, so go easy on the wine the night before

6. Be aware of your surroundings especially if you are with children. Ensure they drink water and always keep them an eye on them. It’s easy to get lost in a crowd of 30,000 people.

7. Headphones - Not a rule but I would suggest you don’t wear headphones because you miss out on the atmosphere and you can’t hear traffic marshalls or other walkers.

8. If you haven’t done any training, please go for a few walks before the day for about 20 - 45 mins

9. If you feel anything strange before, during, or after the Big Walk, stop and seek medical assistance

10. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

Entries close on Monday, 7th May. So make sure you #FindYourPace and I'll see you there. If you haven't entered, do it now! 

For more tips and the answers to all questions about running, find Phindi on Twitter - @PhindiGule.

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