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10 Clever ways to get more steps in daily

Struggling to increase your daily step count or trying to find ways to push it up within your daily routine rather than going for dedicated walks? Here are a few tips to help you step it up without too much effort.

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Part of reaching your fitness goals is literally putting taking it one step at a time… again and again and again. Here are a few ways to make that walking plan a reality.

Take the stairs

Forget taking the lift at work or the escalator at the mall. Instead, take the stairs. Not only will you ramp up your steps, but you’ll also increase your heart rate and your muscle strength. You’ll tone your body while performing daily tasks. What could be better?

Park and walk

Forget that parking space right at the entrance. Instead, skip the masses waiting for the best spot and make your way to the back of the lot. There’ll be plenty of spots to choose from and you’ll add a good few extra steps to your daily step count. You’ll also skip the stress of finding that perfect spot and save time by not waiting for someone to pull out.

Shop by steps

Forget your super-efficient shopping trips and get disorganised. When you have to walk backwards and forwards for items instead of in a proficient manner, you’ll maximise your step count. Just make sure you have a list and that you get all the items you need.

Face to face

Skype has made all our work lives easier, we can send messages to co-workers at a click. One could even say it’s the new water cooler in the office. But it does mean that we don’t move from our seats. So next time, get up and chat with your colleague. You can always follow up important work discussions with an email to confirm.

Loo walks

Next time nature calls, don’t use the bathroom closest to you. Rather find another bathroom on another floor or the one furthest from where you are.

March away

Add a few steps to your routine by marching on a place when performing tasks where you would normally stand still. For example, march away while brushing your teeth.

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Playtime bonus

Next time you take your kids to the local park, instead of watching them from a bench or seat, walk a few laps around the play area while they play away. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them while you get a few extra steps in for yourself.

Fetch the mail

When you fetch your mail from your mailbox, take a walk around the block first instead of just grabbing it and making your way back inside.

Break tradition

Start new traditions with your family and instead of heading to the couch and television after dinner, get the family active by taking everyone on a walk around the block.

Cut the convenience

If the only way your family is going to eat is through a fast food restaurant, at least forget the drive-through and walk into the restaurant to buy your food. You’ll at least take a few steps to help offset the effects of a fast food meal.

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