Creative ways to survive fitness walks with small children

Creative ways to survive fitness walks with small children

Here are a few ways to turn walking into a fun activity for the little ones. 

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Walking doesn’t require special equipment or athletic skills, yet it offers a host of health benefitsWalking is a fantastic activity for you and your children. The exercise makes them feel calmer and happier and it improves their concentration.

Play I-spy

Turn your next walking trip into a game of I spy with my little eye. I spy is a great way for parents to teach younger children about letters and the names of different objects. 

Crank up the music

Take along your iPod and handheld speakers and get the kids dancing while walking. Make up a dance routine or try out the Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper.

Walk the dog

If your children are pet lovers, they may be super excited about taking the dog or dogs for a walk. Even Misty the cat can come along if you can drag her away from the couch. 

Make a scavenger hunt

Who says only pirates get to look for treasure. Write a list of things to find or draw pictures and get the kids to cross them off along the way. This list can be based on colors, or certain objects or a certain numbers of objects; it just depends on where you are walking.

Take pictures

Turn your little walkers into photographers. You can use your cellphone, tablet or cameras and get the kids to take pictures of interesting things they see along the route. Print the pictures and stick them in a scrapbook. 

Turn your walk into an obstacle course

For the very energetic children, create a walking obstacle course.  Use things along the route like cracks on the pavement, potholes, benches, post boxes and even street poles as part of your fun course.  These are all ways to turn a simple walk into a listening and fun activity.

You can bring the kids along and join in KwaZulu-Natal’s biggest outdoor walking event this May. The Discovery East Coast Radio Big Walk takes place on Sunday 20 May and has a race pace and distance for everyone. Go to to #FindYourPace and register today.   

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