Zikalala outlines COVID-19 measures to be implemented at schools

Zikalala outlines COVID-19 measures to be implemented at schools

With schools set to reopen a week from today for pupils in Grades 7 and 12, the Premier says they are taking no chances when it comes to safety and cleanliness. 

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"Classroom cleanliness will be done twice a day, in the morning and afternoon," says Sihle Zikalala. "The cleaning of schools started on the 15th. The first round of cleaning was done by the Department of Public Works."

Briefing the media in Mayville on Sunday, Zikalala says sanitisation, social distancing and other measures will be implemented under the COVID-19 health protocols. 

"The social distancing will be co-ordinate in line with the norm of 1.5 spacing between each person. Only learners when screening in indicate less risk in temperature will proceed to the classroom.

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"Should a temperature risk be identified, teachers will assist with prepared isolation rooms, advise next of kin and seek medical advice urgently."

Zikalala says there'll be curriculum changes for some grades. 

"There is going to be a trimming of the curriculum to make up for the time lost during the break, however, for Grade 12, this will not apply as their certificate is internationally recognised."

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