Twist to taxi lockdown operation rules

Twist to taxi lockdown operation rules

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has done an about-turn on a regulation for the taxi industry.  

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Mbalula briefed the media on Wednesday on the rules for the public-transport sector during our coronavirus lockdown.  

Among other things, he said is that taxi operators would be allowed to carry a full load of passengers but only if all their commuters were given face masks.  

The Minister then released a statement to say that he has since faced mounting public pressure to reconsider that decision. 

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People were concerned about the 100% loading capacity rule saying it defeated the purpose of social distancing measures aimed at keeping people safe. 

Mbalula says the new rule now is that minibus taxis have to carry 70% of their loading capacity. 

In other words, a minibus licensed to carry 10 passengers must transport a maximum of seven people per trip.

A minibus licensed to carry 15 passengers will ferry 10. 

A midi-bus vehicle permitted to transport 22 has been limited to 15. 

Two people can travel in a car. 

The SA National Taxi Council says it welcomes the Minister's decision to cut the loading capacity for minibus taxis. 

It says it had opposed the regulation that allowed the industry to operate at 100% capacity. 

SANTACO says all taxis must follow the new rule. 

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