SA lockdown: Waste collection changes at Durban Metro

SA lockdown: Waste collection changes at Durban Metro

eThekwini Municipality has announced changes to its waste collection services. 

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These form part of the city's measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus with a total lockdown in place.  

According to eThekwini's Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit, the orange bag recycling initiative will be suspended until further notice - to reduce the risk of contamination.

Officials are encouraging residents to limit the amount of recyclables in their homes and to rather reuse, upcycle or store them on their properties.

The Unit says, as a last resort, you can dispose of them in a black rubbish bag.

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Garden drop off-sites and garden landfills are closed from Tuesday - including the Bisasar Road, Mariannhill and Shallcross Landfills.

Residents have been asked to please reduce household waste.

When throwing away personal hygiene and sanitary products - residents need to place them in a rubbish bag and when full, tie it securely.

Place that bag in a second bin bag and tie a knot, before washing your hands.

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