SA crew allowed to disembark Queen Mary 2

SA crew allowed to disembark Queen Mary 2

Health officials say they grew concerned when they heard that some people on board, the Queen Mary 2, had developed flu-like symptoms.

Queen Mary 2
Nushera Soodyal

The luxury liner was allowed to dock in Durban on Tuesday.  

Officials say six South African crew members were allowed to disembark after they had tested negative for COVID-19 and are now in quarantine for two weeks. 

The British cruise liner left Australia for South Africa on 16 March, carrying over a thousand people. 

This is before the start of a total lockdown in the country. 

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It's understood the cruise ship sailed into port on Friday and requested permission to disembark. 

But Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize says after an inspection, they found some people - who had exhibited symptoms of the coronavirus. 

The ship was asked to wait outside the parameters of the port, and 26 people were tested. 

"It was found that all of them were negative, although, initially there was a suspicion that there could have been someone that was positive for coronavirus. So that has been confirmed that they didn't have [the virus]."

Mkhize says only South Africans on the Queen Mary 2 have been allowed to disembark. 

"The whole ship had to be assisted on a humanitarian basis, so that it gets it's food supply and so on. So now that has not been done from yesterday [Monday]." 

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