Queen Mary 2 docks in Durban harbour

Queen Mary 2 docks in Durban harbour

The Queen Mary 2 cruise ship will be allowed to dock at the Port of Durban today. There are over 1 200 crew among them six South Africans and 264 passengers on board the vessel.

Queen Mary 2
Nushera Soodyal

It's been waiting for clearance outside the harbour since arriving on Friday.

Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize has been locked in a meeting with Transnet and the provincial health department today, discussing the docking of the vessel. 

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In a statement, Transnet said the six South African crew members have been tested for Covid-19 and that their test results have come back negative.

The vessel has been waiting for permission to dock, refuel and allow the crew to disembark. 

The cruiseliner stopped its international voyages earlier this month, in line with the global response to the pandemic. 

The Queen Mary 2 set sail for South Africa when the ban on cruise ships came into effect. Minister Mkhize is expected to inspect disembarkation processes. 

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