Over 1 000 lockdown rule-breakers arrested

Over 1 000 lockdown rule-breakers arrested

Police Minister Bheki Cele says over 1 000 people were arrested for non-compliance to the lockdown regulations in the country on Saturday.

Police minister Bheki Cele on the 55 arrests during day 1 of lockdown

Cele made the comments at the KwaMashu Shopping Mall on Monday, where he was overseeing the first day of pension and grant payouts and how the conditions of the lockdown are being adhered to.

He says the ministry is trying to spread forces everywhere so that they can enforce the rules and regulations.

He says it's unfortunate that the number of people arrested is growing.

"We have arrested 1 108. We would not wish to arrest so many people. We will continue to do that, but it will be better if people listen and comply.  without pushing it." 

The coronavirus lockdown regulations have been amended to restrict the movement of those who live in complexes, blocks of flats and estates.

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National police spokesperson, Vishnu Naidoo says allowing people to move around in these areas will defeat the purpose of trying to slow the COVID-19 infection rate.

"Moving forward, we have taken a decision that people will not be allowed to jog, run or walk their animals in their estate. At the rate at which, this virus is spreading, we have to make sure that the lockdown protocols are adhered to sticktly, that people are confined to their homes." 

Naidoo says police will be out to enforce these regulations.

"If you are living in an estate or complex - the regulations also applies to those people as it would to people living in a free-standing house out of these complexes. One rule for everyone." 

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