NAISA: Lockdown resulting in possible schools closure

NAISA: Lockdown resulting in possible schools closure

The National Alliance of Independent School Association says some schools in its network face possible closure due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Chairperson Mandla Mthembu says a number of schools are in dire straits due to many parents not being able to make school fees payments as a result of economic restrictions.

He says while other schools have applied for relief funding, many are struggling to survive.

"One school was telling us just the other day that only 14 parents out of 200 managed to pay their school fees", he said.

"Others have only reported 30% of school fees payments. We do not know what the picture will look like at the end of May", Mthembu said.

"So this is a concern to us because it may indicate the closure of some schools, especially the low to medium fee schools who have been hit the hardest", he said.

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