LISTEN: South Africans speak out about how coronavirus is affecting them

LISTEN: East Coast Drive speaks to South Africans abroad on coronavirus

East Coast Drive wanted to get an idea of how people around the world are dealing with COVID-19, so Bongani and Mags spoke to South Africans in the UK, USA and Middle East.

Coronavirus status update

Listen to the podcast or read below:

Coronavirus has been the talk since the recent official outbreak in South Africa so East Coast Drive decided to speak to people around the world to find out how they are dealing with COVID-19.

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Bongani and Mags heard from Simon Carter in London, Mariza Halliday in Ireland and received voice notes from North Carolina in USA and also Qatar in the Middle East.

If these conversations and voice notes are anything to go by, it seems the world is starting to take this virus more and more seriously by the day.

Listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say about they way the coronavirus has been making them feel these past few days. 

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