KZN Frontline Hero: Tyron Powell – Managing Director of Marshall Security

KZN Frontline Hero: Tyron Powell – Managing Director of Marshall Security

Managing Director of Marshall Security, Tyron Powell and his team of officials are definitely South African Frontline Heroes.

Tyron Powell
Tyron Powell

East Coast Drive is on a mission to recognise our frontline heroes in KZN, those people who are considered an essential service, risking infection of themselves AND their family in order to keep the country afloat.

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East Coast Drive was able to chat with the Managing Director of Marshall Security, Tyron Powell, today's Frontline Hero.

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Since the start of lockdown, Tyron and his team have had to work extended hours and adjust to the new rules and regulations. 

Tyron explains to us how different it is to work during a time like this and the different or tighter producers that have been implemented during this lockdown period. 

Tyron, from the whole of South Africa we thank you and your team for the work you do. You guys are true Frontline Heroes and thank you for taking the time to speak to us on East Coast Drive.

You’ll find them in the hospitals, on the front lines, in the grocery stores and even at your front door, delivering your essentials. They might not be wearing capes, but these Frontline Heroes are going above-and-beyond every single day of lockdown. 

That’s why PURA Soda & East Coast Radio are looking for you to tell us about your unsung heroes who are making a difference and helping people to live a little PURA during lockdown. 

Just email [email protected] and they could win a refreshing PURA Soda hamper.

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