KZN Frontline Hero: Deirdre – Trauma Specialized Nurse

KZN Frontline Hero: Deirdre – Trauma Specialized Nurse

During this tough time, there must be some serious cases that come through that even Trauma Specialized Nurses don't want to handle but have to. 


This is East Coast Drive with Gordon and G-Dog and we’re on a mission to recognise our frontline heroes in KZN, those people who are considered an essential service and are not able to safely tuck themselves away at home like the rest of us.

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We were able to chat with one of our South African frontline heroes today, Deirdre, who is a Trauma Specialized Nurse in an Emergency Department in Durban.

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Deirdre shared with us what her job title entails and how tough it is to be doing your job and also having to be careful and aware of your surroundings. 

Deirdre, from the whole of South Africa, we thank you for the work you’re doing to keep the country afloat, you are truly a Frontline Hero. Thank you from all of us and thank you for taking the time to share your story with us on East Coast Drive.

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