KZN Edu to meet Durban school amid coronavirus fears

KZN Edu to meet Durban school amid coronavirus fears

South Africans are again being told there's no need to panic over the coronavirus cases in the country.

Photo of empty classroom / Pexels
Photo of empty classroom / Pexels

So far three people have tested positive for COVID-19. Two of them are a couple from Hilton in the Midlands and third person is in Gauteng.

The three were part of a group that recently returned from a ski trip in Italy.

The KZN Education Department says it will be meeting with a Durban North School - after it issued out a statement  - of a family that has been in self-quarantine. 

Chelsea Preparatory School says the family was in contact with one of the patients who's tested positive.

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It's understood the family members haven't exhibited any symptoms - but they will remain in isolation.

Provincial education spokesperson, Muzi Mahlambi has urged parents not to panic - saying the situation is under control.

Meanwhile Grayston Prep school in Gauteng has been shut today. 

It's believed one of their teachers came into contact with the group that returned from Italy. 

The World Health Organisation says while COVID-19 and influenza present similar symptoms, it's important to understand the differences between these two viruses and how they spread. 

The virus causes respiratory issues and like the flu, it is spread through germ-filled droplets. 

This is why we've been asked to wash our hands regularly and cover our mouths when we cough and sneeze. 

The WHO has said in a statement that the virus is often compared to the common seasonal flu. 

While they do share similarities, the organisation says the spread of the evolving COVID-19 strain is different.

The experts say influenza puts at risk children, the elderly, those with a weak immune system and underlying chronic medical conditions.

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They found that children are less likely to be affected. 

On its transmission, the WHO says unlike the flu - the coronavirus spreads slowly but its mortality rate is higher than influenza. 

They’ve added there are more than 20 vaccines in development for COVID-19, but none have been licensed as yet. 

The health organisation has again stressed the importance of practicing good hygiene - by washing our hands frequently and covering our mouths when we cough and sneeze.

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