Keri Miller tested for COVID-19

Keri Miller tested for COVID-19

If you were tuned in to East Coast Breakfast over the past week, you would have missed a very familiar voice.

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It has been an anxious two days since Keri found out that she had been in contact with an individual who tested positive for coronavirus. 

The virus, which is now regarded as a global pandemic, has had many fearing for their health and that of their loved ones. This time, it really hit close to home when Keri experienced her own scare. 

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After learning that she was exposed to the virus, Keri rushed off to the hospital to get tested. Whilst she awaited her results, she was put on leave for two days and was self-isolated.

Keri Miller shared her touching story and experience with co-hosts; Darren and Sky and with the rest of KZN live on East Coast Breakfast this morning.

East Coast Radio is happy to announce that Keri’s results for COVID-19 have come back negative! 

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Listen to the podcast below: 

Keri will be back on Breakfast on Monday, 16 March.

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