Infection expected to peak in August, September says experts

Infection expected to peak in August, September says experts

419 coronavirus-related deaths are expected in South Africa at the end of this month (May).

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This is according to experts  - who say South Africa is also projected to have millions of COVID-19 infections within the next four months. 

They've been speaking during a virtual modellers symposium led by our Health Minister.

They've detailed the latest findings around the novel coronavirus within our borders. 

One of the experts Ashley Theophanides presenting under the Business For South Africa model, gave an indication of when we can expect the peak of the outbreak.

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"The expected number of COVID cases are expected to peak around August and September. We can see that the results are showing approximately 3 million people," she said. 

She added that it is important to note is that the various interventions that get applied will of course influence these results and as people abide by various social distancing processes, we can of cause keep the cases as low as possible."

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