The dangers of smoking amid virus pandemic

The dangers of smoking amid virus pandemic

Many South Africans have been huffing and puffing over the ban on the sale of tobacco products during the lockdown - calling on government to lift it.

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A specialist has been explaining the effects of smoking on the lungs, especially at this time of a global pandemic.

"One of the things that smoking does is reduces the immune response in the lungs. We know from other studies in asthmatics that smoking reduces the efficiency of the treatment inside the lungs," says KZN pulmonologist Dr Moosa Suleman. 

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Suleman is advising smokers to consider focussing on improving their lung health and overall immunity.

"It is very important that everybody, in fact, reduces their exposure to tobacco smoke during this time when we have a coronavirus pandemic." 

He says the ban on cigarette sales is essential in the fight against COVID-19. Vaping should also be avoided.

"There's been a lot of reports that vaping is causing alveolar damage."

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