DA proposes smart lockdown as sustainable approach

DA proposes smart lockdown as sustainable approach

A model on how sectors of our economy may begin to be stimulated during the lockdown period is currently before the president for consideration. 

John Steenhusien at alternative 2020 Sona
Marius van der Walt

It's been submitted by the DA. 

The party says it's worked with business leaders and economists and other experts to develop the model. 

It says the model will work in a similar way as load shedding or water restrictions.

Interim DA leader, John Steenhuisen says continuing with a hard lockdown is not practical as it will further strangle our economy. 

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He says it's important to strike a balance between what's necessary now while also looking at slowly regaining momentum. 

He adds that the continued hard lockdown model increases the number of unemployed citizens. "It will close businesses that will be unable to re-open after the crisis. 

Steenhuisen says the new phase strategy put on the table by the DA as the smart lockdown approach gives South Africa the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and also gives people an incentive to comply with the regulations. 

"We believe the South African context is unique and such a tailored approach to contain the virus is necessary," he says. 

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