COVID-19: SA mother stuck in Australia desperate to return home

COVID-19: SA mother stuck in Australia desperate to return home

A South African single mother stuck in Australia, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, says all she wants is to see her five-year-old son again.

Qantas plane
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Bonnie Immelman was on a two-week long business trip that’s now lasted a month after Australia entered into a lockdown. According to the government website the country has over 6 000 positive cases of the virus and 53 deaths. 

Immelman says the hardest part of this experience is not being able to see her child.

"It is just myself and him. My husband passed away four years ago, so we are very close and the longest we have been away from each other is two days", she said.

"So jumping from being apart for only two days to weeks with no answer as to when you are coming back is terrible", Immelman said.

Immelman says she contacted our government for help and was told she needs to make her own way home.

"Which is ridiculous as Australia is in a lockdown meaning there are no flights to South Africa.", she said.

"We did however recieve an email saying Australia is sending a flight to South Africa to fetch citizens stuck in our country and it is still being discussed whether SA citizens stuck in Australia will be able to return home on that flight", Immelman said.

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