Coronavirus: SA's economy 'won't be spared'

Coronavirus: SA's economy 'won't be spared'

Economist Graeme Kerner believes the coronavirus outbreak will push South Africa deeper into recession. 

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The outbreak has hit global markets significantly. 

With some affected countries reporting a rapidly growing number of infections and imposing various restrictions, experts anticipate more pressure will exerted on the global economy. 

Kerner says South Africa won't be exempt.

Meanwhile, the KZN Parents Association has been commenting on Basic Education's guidelines it released yesterday on potential cases of coronavirus in schools and childcare. 

The association says it had hoped for a more rigorous approach. 

Among other things, it said these places of learning would need to establish and follow certain procedures when pupils and staff become ill. 

Schools should also review their attendance and sick leave policies, draw up a communication plan and ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned.  

Cowan House Preparatory School in Hilton has so far been the only facility to temporarily suspend classes. 

The Association's Vee Gani says: "Those are the kind of things that needs to happen. If people know if they are susceptible to it or whatever reason if people think that they have traveled and they don't know if they are exposed to it, you'd rather take those precautions."

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