Coronavirus: Repatriated citizens land in SA

Coronavirus: Repatriated citizens land in SA

114 South Africans who have been repatriated from Coronavirus-hit Wuhan, China, have landed on home soil in Limpopo. 

Coronavirus positive blood test
Coronavirus positive blood test/ iStock

They will be quarantined at a ranch in the province. Once they disembark from the plane they will get on buses where they will be driven and escorted by police and the army to their area of quarantine.  

Once at the site they will not be allowed to interact with relatives till after the 21 days of quarantine. 

They will however have access to Internet to allow them to communicate with the outside world. 

At this stage there is limited information about their daily routine but what known is that they will be checked daily for symptoms and to track recovery process

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