Coronavirus: MSC cancels Durban, Cape Town trips

Coronavirus: MSC cancels Durban, Cape Town trips

MSC Cruises has cancelled all remaining trips from Durban and Cape Town for the 2019/2020 season - due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

MSC Cruises cancels trips
Nushera Soodyal

A state of disaster was declared in our country this week, as the number of cases rose to 62. 

Management for the global cruise line says trips have been put on hold until the end of next month. 

It says the MSC Orchestra, that departed yesterday from the Durban port to Mozambique - will return to our shores on Friday. 

MSC's Ross Volk says they're putting the health and safety of their crew and passengers first. 

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Yesterday, Newswatch was at the port where the cruise ship departed. 

Hundreds of passengers gathered at the N-Shed terminal at the Durban Harbour for the cruise to Pomene Bay.

A couple that's going to celebrate a birthday says it's full steam ahead with the trip. One of them, Alray Redman says they won't let the virus stop them. 

"I am not too worried to be honest if I am going to contract it I am going to contract. However, I am going to do whatever I need to do to ensure that I don't contract it."

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But some travellers didn't board.

Jurgen Smith arrived at the terminal to cancel his cruise after hearing the president's announcement on Sunday.

"Very anxious, nervous. We are stuck in two minds. We don't really want to go now with all this happening."

Smith says they'll go on the cruise at a later stage.

MSC Cruises says passengers who wish to go on a trip will be provided with a voucher which they can use for their cruise later on in the year – but with 48 hours' notice. 

At the time, management says all travellers boarding the ship will be subject to mandatory scans – and those with symptoms won't be allowed to board.

MCS says should any passenger display symptoms at a later stage of the cruise – they and their companions will be confined to their cabins.

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