Anxiety in the time of COVID-19

Anxiety in the time of COVID-19

As the country settles into the 21-day lockdown many South Africans may be feeling anxious and uncertain about their immediate future.

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South Africa’s COVID-19 infection continues to grow, with more than 1 200 positive cases and two recorded deaths. 

Durban psychologist, Tessa Burnard says it's likely that the transition into the lockdown will be bumpy as many people find their feet and adapt to the new situation.

“It is highly likely that people will be picking up on anxieties and fears related to the virus, worries about finances and job security and even worry about our health and the health of our vulnerable friends and relatives,” Burnard said.

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She says people will be affected by the loss of structure and routine – both of which make a person feel safe and secure in general.

“Many people, especially those with anxiety will be negatively affected by the flood of information available out there about the virus, much of which could be fake, misleading or misunderstood.”

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) remains open during this period to assist those who reach out when feeling anxious or depressed.

Here are some helpful tips by SADAG to manage any stress and anxiety during this time:

· If you feel frustrated, make sure you focus more time on the things you can control and do by creating a list of things to do to keep yourself busy and active.

· Create a WhatApp or Facebook support group. Stay connected with people via technology – do more video calls, phone friends to catch up, etc.

· Very importantly – keep physically active. Physical exercise is proven to improve mental health and plays an extremely important role in mitigating anxiety and stress on a neurochemical level. 

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