All taxi operations suspended in Durban

All taxi operations suspended in Durban

The eThekwini Metro Taxi Council says it's suspended all taxi operations in Durban - as it cannot cope financially under government's new regulations for the coronavirus lockdown.

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The organisation says it was only notified this morning about the maximum number of passengers that a single vehicle can now carry.

Operators who usually transport 14 people per trip - are now permitted to carry seven passengers. 

It's part of the new social distancing measures put in place during the 21-day lockdown.

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The council's Mathula Mkhize says taxis - that operate within the eThekwini Metro - stopped running from 10 this morning. 

The decision's going to affect how people, who make use of public transport in Durban - move around. 

"We are in full support on the call of the President.  We have given support to all conditions that governement has given us around the health guides."

"Unfortunately this morning we learnt of the restricted number per load that should be loaded in our vehicles and sadly that a brought economic impact to the operation and it  has caused conflicting situations between passengers, police and our drivers."

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