Adjusted taxi regulations bittersweet for SANTACO

Adjusted taxi regulations bittersweet for SANTACO

The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) says it has welcomed the allowance of 100% capacity for local trips.

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Last month, minibus taxis decided to defy COVID-19 lockdown regulations of ferrying 70% of its capacity, after clashing with the Transport Department over its COVID-19 relief offer.

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Although the taxi alliance welcomed the change, it says it remains concerned about which taxi operate long-distance trips. 

SANTACO KZN Spokesperson Sifiso Shangase says long-distance operators have been affected for an extended period. 

"During the initial phases of the lockdown, these operators were not operating because they do inter-provincial as well as intra-provincial. At Leve 5 and 4 they were restricted because people had to produce permits, it was merely essential workers."

Shangase says they are busy discussing the regulations internally.

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