14 cops at King Shaka International contract COVID-19

14 cops at King Shaka International contract COVID-19

King Shaka International Airport management on Monday said all precautions and safety measures are in place to keep travellers safe after a COVID-19 outbreak at the airport's police station.

King Shaka Airport to upgrade parking management system.
King Shaka Airport to upgrade parking management system. RAJESH JANTILAL / AFP

They said the outbreak has so far claimed the life of one police officer at the station, while 14 others who tested positive are now in isolation and recovering.

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The airport welcomed its first domestic flight on Monday morning since the beginning of the national lockdown at the end of March.

Management said it took them a week to deep clean, prepare and put in measures for the airport to be opened for essential and business travel.

Airport Company South Africa's Colin Naidoo said since the outbreak, the station and other parts of the airport have been disinfected and decontaminated.

Naidoo said they also approached the police for assistance.

"We took the matter up with police and senior officials of the police provincially because the airport is a national key point; it has to be managed by the police. In that case, we have got support from the police to make sure that the airport stays open. 

"Those member who tested positive are now self-quarantining, and that's a police matter that is being handled. Locally we do have police at the airport, and the airport is open." 

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Port Health Manager, Lebogang Maila said all passengers who enter the airport now would be screened.

"Based on the questions and the temperature reading of traveller, immediately when we notice that a person has been exposed to a COVID-positive case or has a sign or symptoms, the respected traveller won't be allowed to access the terminal. 

"We have a designated secondary screening area where we will be conducting final interviews to get details of the traveller."

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