The Weeknd donates $100k to French Montana's 'Unforgettable' campaign

The Weeknd donates $100k to French Montana's 'Unforgettable' campaign

The Weeknd just gave a massive donation to a worthy cause.

The Weeknd

As if we needed another reason to love The Weeknd. The musician just forked out $100,000 to help French Montana's 'Unforgettable' campaign.

The initiative helps support charities in Uganda that supply cribs, incubators, maternity supplies, and beds to the needy.

French Montana started the campaign after visiting the country earlier this year to shoot his 'Unforgettable' music video.

The video was inspired by the rapper's love for Uganda's Triplets Ghetto Kids, whose dance videos he had seen on YouTube. 

He ditched the busty video vixens in favour of dancing locals having a good time in the streets on Uganda. 

During French Montana's visit to the country, he stopped by several local charities, and was inspired to help. 

The Weeknd, whose hit single 'I Feel It Coming' is currently at number 17 on the Coca-Cola Top 40,  donated the money from his won pocket.

His donation will help a maternity facility in Budondo. 

French Montana has already donated $100,000 of his own money, and has encouraged other celebrities to open their pockets. 

Check out the video that helped inspire the rapper's initiative. 

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