Watch: Will Smith and Marc Anthony debut 'Está Rico' video

Watch: Will Smith and Marc Anthony debut 'Está Rico' video

“Will and I have always wanted to work on a musical collaboration,” says Marc Anthony about their new song.

Marc Anthony and Will Smith music video
Will Smith in the 'Está Rico' video / YouTube

Will Smith and Marc Anthony are showing their younger male counterparts how it's done! 

The musicians, who both turned 50 recently, have released the video for their new song, 'Está Rico'. The track also features Puerto Rican reggaeton star Bad Bunny.

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Will raps in both English and Spanish in the video.  

Marc said in a press statement that he and Will "always wanted to work on a musical collaboration".

"This song seems perfect for this moment we’re both experiencing creatively. Working with Bad Bunny for the first time has been a great surprise. We all had a magnificent chemistry, and that energy is palpable in both the music and the video," Billboard quoted him as saying in the release.

Will described Marc as his "brother" in a sweet Instagram post ahead of the video's release and the pair appear to have a close relationship.

Earlier this year, Will shared a video of Marc giving him salsa lessons. 

He also shared a video of them fooling around in the recording studio last week. 

Watch Will, Marc, and Bad Bunny's new video below.

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