Watch: Jeremy Loops releases acoustic session for 'Waves'

Watch: Jeremy Loops releases acoustic session for 'Waves'

You won't stop bopping your head to Jeremy Loops' acoustic session for 'Waves'.

Jeremy Loops Waves acoustic
Screenshot/YouTube (Jeremy Loops)

Jeremy Loops has released a video for the acoustic version of his hit single, 'Waves'.

The South African musician dropped the video on Monday - two months after debuting the song's official video in December. 

'Waves' is the lead single off his upcoming album, 'Critical As Water', which drops on March 16.

The track has been streamed more than one-million times, and is a hit in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and France. 

Jeremy's second single, 'The Shore', is also doing well around the world. 

The singer is gearing up for the release of a third single later this month.

Watch the acoustic session for 'Waves' below.

Jeremy is set to embark on a 27-date global tour for his album which will see him visiting 12 countries, across four continents. 

A lot of you have been asking if the album cover we shot for Critical As Water is real, all just photoshopped in a pool, or maybe done live in the aquarium. So I thought I’d start releasing a few of the pics from the rest of the shoot. Firstly, just because they’re dope and it would be a shame for them not to be seen! But secondly, because the shoot was such a crazy beautiful thing to put together and I couldn’t have done it without a few very special people, most notably @mrbenbrown behind the lens and @chris_auret on the art direction. I’ll be posting more on that in the days to come, with a good few of my favourite behind the scenes selects. But for now here I am fighting the tidal pulls, trying to wrap my legs under the rocks for some downward grip, with Ben waiting patiently and Chris braving the cold waters himself to swim the guitar down to me. Who wants to take a crack at just how cold that water was? Fun times. 🧜🏼‍♂️❄️

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