Three songs to get you in the mood for ‘Supa Mega’ success

Three songs to get you in the mood for ‘Supa Mega’ success

Nothing motivates people more than some good music. 


AKA is one of the most successful rappers in South Africa, and everything he touches turns to gold.

Despite constant negative press, the multi-platinum artist continues to win countless awards and impress his fans with his music.

Kiernan ‘Supa Mega’ Forbes cannot drop a song without it trending on Twitter, and climbing up the charts.

With big endorsement deals, sold out shows, and undeniable talent, AKA has managed to build a successful brand with mega bucks.

But success wasn’t always so easy for the hip hop artist. He started from the bottom and worked his way up.

He started off in a group with some of his school friends called Entity, which went on to achieve some success.  

But the group split after some problems, and AKA’s music career took a back seat while he worked behind the scenes in the industry.

But the boyband curse (see Justin Timberlake’s former ‘Nsync bandmates for an explanation) was not about to claim another victim.

A few years after Entity split, AKA pursued a solo career, and the rest is history.

At the age of 29, AKA has luxury cars, a mansion, thousands of screaming fans, and major bucks in the bank.

Here are three songs from the rapper that are sure to put you in the mood for success, and hopefully encourage you to follow your dreams.

‘The World Is Yours’

AKA’s hit single, ‘The World Is Yours’, is currently number two on the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart. “You played it safe, I raised the bar, Amazing grace, I praise the Lord, Versace store, the world is yours,” he raps on the track. This song if for the risk takers with big dreams! 


AKA raps about how he got his spreadsheet to increase while ignoring the haters and focusing on working hard on his craft. If you have one too many people telling you that your business idea will fail or your talent is not good enough, just listen to this track and make your dream work – see what we did there?! “Made it to the big league, Looking at the spreadsheet see the increase, Jealousy or envy, Rolling ten deep, Barely making ends meet, My revenge sweet.” 


Success is so close you can almost smell it. Keep working hard, dreaming big, and soon you will be blasting this hit AKA track for all to here. “Starts out with a pipe dream, White Tee and an ice-cream, All day on MySpace, MJ trying to buy face, I had to pay dues, had to make moves on faith, Even got booed off stage, Trying to put food on plate, dropped a couple jewels on tape, Now we got views on Base,” he raps on the song. 

Don’t forget to catch the Coca-Cola Top 40 every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. 

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