Listen to George Michael's new 'Fantasy' remix

Listen to George Michael's new 'Fantasy' remix

George Michael released his first posthumous track today!

George Michael

George Michael fans will get to hear a new song from the star - more than eight months after his death. 

The new track is actually a remix of an old song from the singer called 'Fantasy'. The remix made its debut on radio stations in the UK on Thursday.

It was previously thought that the song dropping this week would be one that his fans had never heard before, but music lovers are excited nonetheless. 

Nile Rodgers, who features on the reworked song, described how he felt about the track's release. 

He responded to a fan on Twitter who tweeted that he had "mixed feelings".

"You SHOULD have mixed feelings. No one's heart was dragged through emotional ambiguity more than mine.Tears, uncertainty, happiness & #LOVE," Nile replied. 

He added that making the song was very "emotional". 

"This process was extremely emotional for me. We were such massive fans of each other's work. #Christmas2016 was very sad."

George Michael fans can still expect new unheard music in the future. The award-winning musician was reportedly planning to release new music before he died on Christmas Day last year. 

Nile confirmed the speculation, saying he was working on music with George just two days before his death. 

Some reports suggest that Sony Music has enough music to release three new George Michael albums.

Listen to George's 'Fantasy' remix below. 

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