Childish Gambino causes a stir with 'Feels Like Summer' video

Childish Gambino causes a stir with 'Feels Like Summer' video

Michelle Obama comforts a crying Kanye West in Child Gambino's new music video.

Animated versions of Kanye West and Michelle Obama
Animated versions of Kanye West and Michelle Obama Image: YouTube/Screenshot

Child Gambino's new music video, 'Feels Like Summer', has ruffled a few feathers.

The animated video, which was co-directed by actor Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), has a number of celebrity cameos. 

But one famous cameo has received mixed reviews from music lovers. Former first lady, Michelle Obama, can be seen hugging a crying Kanye West, who is wearing one of Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' caps.

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While some believe the moment is in reference to Kanye criticising former president Barack Obama, some accused the musician of trying to send a message that black women need to save black men.

"This messaging is both confusing and infuriating. Black women have our own issues yet we’re supposed to fix everyone else’s. Who is there to save us?” one Twitter user wrote. 

Another added: "Childish Gambino depicting Michelle Obama as like a saviour for Kanye is such bs lmao I’m tired of black women needing to “save” black men so they can come to their senses about who they are and the realities of the world we live in."

The rapper is yet to reveal the meaning behind the moment. 

Drake, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Migos, Jaden Smith, Chance the Rapper, Will Smith, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Solange Knowles, Zendaya, Oprah, and many more stars also get a cameo. 

Controversy aside, Childish Gambino's new single is the perfect summertime jam. 

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Watch the video below. 

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