Eight fun beach games for adults and kids

Eight fun beach games for adults and kids

A day in the sun and on the sand is a great time to play some family beach games. Read on to find the perfect beach game for your day at the beach.

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Nothing makes a beach visit more fun than some good beach games. Introducing some games at the beach that everyone can play can get the whole family involved and give them a chance to do something new and different.

1) Water Bucket Relay

Kids and adults love relay races, and at the beach the old egg and spoon race can be replaced with a water bucket relay. Give each child a plastic cup, spoon, or large shell and have them run to the water, fill their spoon, and race to empty it in a bucket. Once your bucket is full, you win!

Required: a bucket and carrying tool for each child

2) Limbo at the Beach

Take the limbo to the beach. With two people holding the ends of a pool noodle or jump rope, have each person take a turn trying to go under the “bar” with their backs facing the sand. After each person has succeeded at a certain height of the bar, lower it again and again. Add a little music to get the body moving, but remember to not disturb the other beachgoers.

Required: an item to use as a bar and music.

3) Beach Bubble Blowing

That beach breeze also makes a great space to blow bubbles. Make your own bubble-blowing liquid before you head to the beach or buy some from your local store and let the kids run wild trying to catch the bubbles.

Required: Bubble liquid, wand.

4) Beach Volleyball

Depending on the ages of the kids playing, a real volleyball and net can be set up. For the smaller set, a beach ball and a towel are great substitutes. Try to count the number of times you can get the ball back and forth. For the competitive adults, add a little challenge to it like the loser has to pack up all the goodies for home time.

Required: a ball and a net* (some beaches have nets set up)

5) Beach Ball Hot Potato

Start this fun beach game with everyone sitting in a circle. Start some music and pass the beach ball. When the music stops, the player holding the ball is out. The last person left is the winner. Add a little prize for the winner to make it extra special. 

Required: beach ball, music

6) Beach Darts

Draw a dart board in the sand with points for each ring. Instead of darts, use shells. Toss your “dart” and add up points to see who wins.

Required: shells

7) Beach Tag

Tag is great on the beach as the sand makes the chase more fun (and harder). Try having the person who is “It” be a shark or jellyfish. Whoever gets tagged last is the new It.

Required: those quick legs

8) Sand Castles

No trip to the beach is complete without digging in the sand. It’s quite simple really, all you need is sand, water, a few buckets of different sizes, spades and anything that can be used to carve, smooth and finish the sand.

Required: shovels, buckets, sticks, and any other items that could be used to make a fun sand castle.

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