5 benefits of sunscreen

5 benefits of sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen is a must under the harsh South African sun. In fact, sunscreen is a must anywhere and at any time, but why is it so imperative that we use it, and which sunscreen is best for you to use?

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1. It prevents premature ageing

If ever there was a good enough reason to use sunscreen every day, it’s that it helps prevent premature ageing. We all take care of our skin with various cleansers, toners, and moisturisers, but all of this is for nothing if we don’t take care of our skin and protect it against harmful sun rays.

2. It helps protect against skin cancer

Skin cancer is dangerous, and if you don’t protect your skin from the sun you run a higher risk of developing it. Sunscreen helps protect your skin against harmful sun rays and provides an extra layer of protection against skin cancer. Neglecting your skin and ignoring cancer warnings are just not worth it. 

3. Prevent sunburn

Sunburnt skin is painful and is simply not necessary to experience. Prevent the red, tender skin, bubbly blisters, itching and peeling by applying sunscreen to all exposed areas. Your skin will stay beautiful all summer long, and you won’t have any pain and discomfort. 

4. Something for everyone

There are so many sunscreen products on the market, you’ll always find one that suits your needs. Whether you prefer a lotion, cream or a spray, or need a 15 SPF or 50 SPF, you’ll find the perfect sunscreen for your skin. And don’t think that it should only be applied in Summer. The rays which the sun produces can still do damage on overcast and cloudy days, not just clear days. Also use the highest SPF you can find to ensure your skin is properly protected. 

5. Make your skin healthier

Sunscreen contains ingredients such as keratin and elastin. These ingredients keep your skin looking young, healthy, and smooth. This makes it the perfect everyday product that protects and nurtures your skin.

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