Big Favour: Student can continue studies thanks to KZN Slots

Big Favour: Student can continue studies thanks to KZN Slots

A young student can achieve their dream...

KZN Slots
KZN Slots and ECR Big Favour / ECR

Here's how The Big Favour and KZN Slots were able to help Slindokuhle Mchunu.

Name: Slindokuhle 

Last name: Mchunu

Company: Grand Gaming KZN Slots

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Hi East Coast Radio

I'm a 4th year physiotherapy student student in UKZN Westville campus from Ladysmith. I'm raised by a single mother who is a sole breadwinner, taking care of a family of 10 with two of my siblings in high school.

Her salary is not enough to cover my outstanding debt to the university. I owe the university an amount of R17 680. I have tried to come up with this money selling perfumes and I only came up with R1000. The classes have already began and there is a test on the 16th. I am already behind with my classes I need this money to register but if I can help to cover the whole debt I'll be grateful. Any help will be highly appreciated.

KZN Slots are lending a helping hand by covering the full outstanding amount for Slindokuhle Mchunu. 

Slindokuhle Mchunu
Slindokuhle Mchunu/ ECR
Darren Maule on mic
Darren Maule on mic/ ECR
KZN Slots
KZN Slots / ECR

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